About Golden Pass

Our Company
Golden Pass LNG is a joint venture company formed by affiliates of three of the world’s largest and most experienced oil and gas companies – Qatar Petroleum (70%), ExxonMobil (17.6%) and ConocoPhillips (12.4%).  Together, our three shareholders combined unparalleled expertise and strong resources to develop a world-class LNG terminal in Sabine Pass, Texas.

Our Headquarters
The Golden Pass LNG Headquarters office is located in downtown Houston, Texas in the 3 Allen Center building.  This location is home to our commercial staff, as well as various members of the Golden Pass management team, financial positions, IT support and our legal department.

Our Terminal
The Golden Pass LNG Terminal is a liquefied natural gas receiving terminal and regasification facility in Sabine Pass, Texas.  The terminal is among the largest LNG facilities in the world and can accommodate up to 15.6 million metric tons of LNG per year, the equivalent of approximately 2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day. The Golden Pass LNG Terminal is located about 10 miles south of Port Arthur in Jefferson County, Texas on the Sabine-Neches Waterway.  The Port Arthur area serves as an excellent location for an LNG terminal because it is one of only a few deepwater ports along the Gulf Coast suitable for LNG carriers.

The existing facility includes a dedicated slip to accommodate two LNG ships as well as dock and loading facilities for the ships.  The facility also includes five storage tanks, two LNG processing trains and advanced vaporization systems.

Our History
Less than 10 years ago, there was a growing demand for a clean energy source in the United States.  Because natural gas is a clean-burning, environmentally friendly fuel, Golden Pass shareholders saw an opportunity to import natural gas into the United States to help meet that demand.

The Golden Pass LNG import project began in November 2003.  A kickoff event was held at the Sabine Pass School, with which Golden Pass has a long-standing relationship. Golden Pass completed the permitting phase in July 2005 and began construction in 2006.  A groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Sabine Pass School with U.S. Congressman Ted Poe in attendance.

Construction of the Golden Pass Pipeline was completed in 2009, followed by completion of the terminal construction in 2010. Golden Pass received its first LNG cargo in October 2010 on the Al Khuwair Q-Flex ship.

Due to advances in technology, the United States now has access to an abundant domestic natural gas resource base.  It is estimated that the United States has enough natural gas supply to last more than 100 years (EIA 2012).  This is exciting news for the entire country.  However, Golden Pass faced an important challenge: What role would the facility play in the evolving energy market?

Golden Pass continues to be a critical asset to the U.S. energy industry.  The facility maintains all authorizations, operational capabilities and a ready-to-receive status, serving as a safety valve for U.S. energy security in the event of market disruptions.

That challenge also created an opportunity, and the start of a new project in 2012 – Golden Pass Products.  Click to learn more.